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Biography & Artist statement
Crista Johanna Hyriäinen

Born in 1991, Finland.

''As an artist I take my work as a journey to face new challenges, ideas and insights while also being able to let go of aspects that no longer serve my vision.

I enjoy expressing simple everyday things yet hiding something odd or obscure in them. I am fascinated by animals and their endless affect on us & how we sometimes reflect ourselves through them.  Freedom of speech & thought is important to me, so I like to leave space for the viewer's own interpretation while they observe my work.''

Crista Hyriäinen is a Finnish artist that currently works & lives in Kankaanpää, Finland. She studies at SAMK University of Applied Sciences. She has also studied art in Adult Educational College in Tampere during 2018-2019 and in private art school in Nokia during 1996-2007.


She mainly focuses on graphite/coloured pencils, ink & markers & painting with oils.

She's interested in nature, animals, human emotions & that weird, twisted side of life.

Her style is a mixture of imagination & things that exist in personal life or in general. She also enjoys making animal portraits.

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